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    Jaunty Jackalope Ubuntu Release Party

    Well its that time of the year again. Time to start planning for the upcoming Jaunty Jackalope Release Party.

    I am looking to get a head count on the number of people wishing to attend and suggests for the Location and Date. Currently on the table is the Oriental Theater. However to do this I need to have 50+ people confirm that they will attend the event.

    Features of the Oriental Theater are:

    • 40-foot Projector
    • Sandwich Shop
    • Wi-Fi
    • Room for a lot
    • Good Location

    I am looking for a few people to also give a presentation at the release party. It doesn’t need to be release oriented, but at least be Ubuntu and/or Open Source related. I am going to put together a presentation on the new features and bug fixes for the new release as well to go along with any other presentations. If you wish to do a presentation please email me at (nerdynick) at (gmail) dot (com).

    I am also looking for a designer to mock up a Release Party flyer. If you know of someone and are that someone please email me or the mailing list your design ideas.

    If you wish to attend please fill out the form at:

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    Geek Sessions Update

    The 1st 2 Geek Sessions turned out pretty well minus the fact that Panera Bread in Denver closes at 4pm on Sundays. So to continue with what was started the next sessions will be held in the following areas.

    Sat Nov 22, 2008 @ 6pm at Panera Bread in (Louisville/Superior) – Map (You want A not B)
    Sun Nov 23, 2008 @ 2pm at Panera Bread in (Loveland) – This is not confirmed. Waiting to see on turn out. So if you would like to come email me.

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    Geek Sessions & Intrepid Ibex CD’s

    I have received our Intrepid Ibex CD’s from Canonical and will be doing a few Geek Sessions around the Denver Metro Area to pass them all out to fellow members and anyone else who wishes to attend. So far these are the locations.

    Sat Nov 15, 2008 @ 6pm at Panera Bread in Park Meadows
    Sun Nov 16, 2008 @ 6pm at Panera Bread in Denver (Grant St. & 13th)

    Sat Nov 22, 2008 @ 6pm at Panera Bread in (Louisville or Westminster)

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    Intrepid Release Party

    Its official we will be holding our Intrepid Ibex Release Party Nov 1, 2008 @ Gordon Biersch.

    Gordon Biersch @ Flat Irons Mall
    Broomfield, Colorado

    Start – 6:30pm
    End – 10:00pm

    View Map
    Other Intrepid Release Parties

    Reservations are under “Nick” and will be in the Pilsner Room. If you where with us for the last release its that same Location and Room as last time.

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    Ubucon Boulder Postponed

    Sorry. This is probably just a little late, but better late then never.

    We’ve got good news and bad news

    The good news: Leslie Hawthorn, the wonderful head of the Google Open
    Source Program Office (Google Summer of Code, etc) will help us plan
    the next Ubucon Boulder! It is always good to have folks helping who
    really know how to run a great event.

    The bad news: we won’t have time to get our ducks in a row in time for
    the previously announced Sep 27th date.

    So we need a new date, either in October or January, since Nov and Dec
    won’t work.

    So we’ll figure out which Saturdays work for Google – Stay tuned!

    Nick, Neal, Leslie and Dale

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    Ubucon Update

    This is a quick update to correct any time, date, and location changes that have happened. The date has stayed the same, times have been set, and the correct address and map link are as follows.

    Saturday September 27, 2008

    9:00am – Meet Up
    10:00am – Start Time
    5-6:00pm – Ruff End Time

    2590 Pearl St,
    Boulder, CO 80302

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    Ubucon Head Count

    We need to get a head count of all those wish to attend as well as if you would like to give a speech/Presentation. If you could fill out the following form this will help us out dearly.

    This event has been postponed.

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    Ubucon on its way

    So this is a little late of an announcement for those that are on the mailing list but its official. We will be hosting a Ubucon this September at the New Google Office in Boulder. This event will be in the lines with our last Ubucon. Meaning that it will be an Unconference with a central topic on Ubuntu.

    Now granted that the main topic will be Ubuntu. I would like to extend this conference to all things Open Source and the like. Meaning all you Open Source Evangelists, Linux Enthusiasts, Open Source Developers, and all others that wish to attend. Hopefully we can make this an annual thing.

    2590 Pearl St,
    Boulder, CO 80302

    Saturday September 27, 2008
    9:00am MT (Meet Up Time)
    10:00am MT (Start Time)
    6:00pm MT (Possible Later if everyone is still interested)

    Special Thanks goes out to:
    Leslie Hawthorn for helping get everything setup on the Google side of things
    Dale Hawkins for being our host at Google and all things that go with being the Host
    Neal & Joey for the 1 on 1 with Leslie at Oscon

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    Possible Ubucon

    So after last years Boulder Ubucon was a success thanks to Neal. I have taken it upon myself to work at getting us another possible one this year. We are shooting for a September date sometime on the weekend if we can. Once I can confirm a date I will let you all know. Just wanted to give all the world a heads up that we are working towards this possibly happening again. So that you may have a little more time in advance to join us.

    Keep watching for details.

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    Hardy Release Party Follow Up

    Jim Hutchinson – 2008 TIE Conference


    Simon (Siblog) – Hardy Heron Release Notes


    Joey – Launchpad Features and Basics


    Moriah Papaya – Release Party Posters Designer


    How Attended:

    • Nick Verbeck (NerdyNick)
    • Jim Hutshinson
    • Simon (Siblog)
    • Moriah Papaya
    • Neal McBurnett (nealmcb)
    • Derek Buranen (burner)
    • Joey Stanford (Rinchen)
    • Aaron Gerber (Gerber)
    • Andrew Barney (keen101)
    • Richard & Kathy Guenther
    • David L. Willson (Barahon)
    • Sean Dial (Tesseractheart)
    • More Comming Soon. If you don’t see your name please email me I will add it ASAP.
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