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    Recent Website Upgrades

    Well as a lot of you may have been noticing around the site I have started making a lot of upgrades to the website and its layout. I am hoping that you all are enjoying all the new features that have been implemented and the new looks. I just wanted to give everyone a break down of what has been done and what I have planed for the future.


    • Round Corners
    • Side Bar Titles Updated
      • Set correct titles
      • Removed Special Font
      • Titles are now text no longer images
    • Flickr Avatar integration
      • Reduced Load time thanks to Session storage.
      • Sessions should be refreshed every 12 hours
    • CoLoCo Members Roster
    • Blinding Effect Added to Home Page Posts

    Comming Soon:

    • Blinding Effect will store to session. So when you come back to the article it will be in the last state you had it
    • Avatars added to the Roster page
    • Flickr Mash-Up to provide a Photo Gallery
    • Updated SVN with the current website build. So that other LoCos maybe able to download it and improve upon it.
    • Setup Flickr Mash-Ups to be configurable from the admin instead of editing scripts.

    Also to all you other LoCos out there that want to have a website but do have the man power to setup or the scripting knowledge to do so. I will be uploading this all to SVN on as well as setting up some documentation on how to deploy it. If you would like to use the current structure I can provide you with a copy and some information on how to set it up. Just email me on nerdynick [at] gmail (dot) com.

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    Welcome to the New Colorado Ubuntu Group Website

    After many hours of work the new site is up and ready for use. I have tested everything that I can to make sure everything works, but as is life something may break or some styles may be screwed up. If you come across any of these bugs please email the website administrator at nerdynick (at) gmail (dot) com.

    I hope you all enjoy the site and if you have any suggestions submit an email to the news group for review by the rest of the group. If approved I will try to implement the idea as soon as possible.

    Again Thanks,

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