If you are looking for Feisty Fawn CDs please contact David Overcash as he has a bunch to ship out. For all of you who have already requested CD’s he will be shipping them out shortly. I would also like to note that I will be getting a decent shipment in soon that I will also be dispersing out if anyone needs some.

Hey Guys,
I’m writing mostly to let you all know that I’m finally back in most
of my modes of communication and whatnot. My recent move back to my
parents’ house took much longer than I had anticipated and
coincidentally pulled me away from CoLoCo stuff along with CD

I’m glad to announce that all of you who requested CDs should be
receiving them soon as they will be shipped out tomorrow. Some of you
who requested extremely large amounts of non-regular Ubuntu CDs will
notice that you may have had your order cut slightly short.
Specifically, I over-estimated the amount of Kubuntu/Kubuntu 64 CDs.

On that same note, you will notice that you are receiving both
computer stickers and small 4″x1″ stickers with your orders. They
were varied by the amount of CDs you requested, but I have many more
of the small stickers and still a few more of the 4″x1″ stickers that
go well on laptop lids.

If any of you would like Feisty pressed CDs and have not requested any
please send an email directly to myself (funnylookinhat@gmail.com)
rather than this list with your mailing address and the specific
amounts and types of CDs that you would like.