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    Lucid Lynx 10.04 Release Party

    The release party is now confirmed for Sunday May 2, 2010 to be held at Bar Louie in Westminster, CO @ 5:30pm. Please RSVP this will help me make sure we have all the support we need.

    We have the back room all to ourselves with a dedicated bar tender, pool table, and lounge area. I am also finalizing the possibility for an open pool table with them. Bar Louie should prove to be a great venue. They have 40 different beers on tap and a large selection of food and appetizers.

    Not only will this event be to celebrate another great release of Ubuntu, but it will also be where I hand over the control of the group to David. After 2 yrs of serving the group with release parties and cd hand outs. Its time to let someone else take the rains.

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    Jaunty Release Party Poster

    I would like to present you all with the new Release Party Poster. Thanks to Eric Jackson for all the hard work.

    Jaunty Jackalope Small Jaunty Release Party Large

    If you would like I have AI files for all versions if you wish to print them off and distribute them.

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    The Details of the Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Release Party

    So here is the info you’ve been waiting for.


    Event Details


    • Whats New (Release Notes) – Nick (NerdyNick)
    • More to Come as I get info
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    Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Release Party

    We will be holding our release party this go around at The DNote on May 3, 2009 from 12pm to 2pm+.

    This is a quick note. More info to come very very soon.

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    Jaunty Jackalope Ubuntu Release Party

    Well its that time of the year again. Time to start planning for the upcoming Jaunty Jackalope Release Party.

    I am looking to get a head count on the number of people wishing to attend and suggests for the Location and Date. Currently on the table is the Oriental Theater. However to do this I need to have 50+ people confirm that they will attend the event.

    Features of the Oriental Theater are:

    • 40-foot Projector
    • Sandwich Shop
    • Wi-Fi
    • Room for a lot
    • Good Location

    I am looking for a few people to also give a presentation at the release party. It doesn’t need to be release oriented, but at least be Ubuntu and/or Open Source related. I am going to put together a presentation on the new features and bug fixes for the new release as well to go along with any other presentations. If you wish to do a presentation please email me at (nerdynick) at (gmail) dot (com).

    I am also looking for a designer to mock up a Release Party flyer. If you know of someone and are that someone please email me or the mailing list your design ideas.

    If you wish to attend please fill out the form at:

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    Intrepid Release Party

    Its official we will be holding our Intrepid Ibex Release Party Nov 1, 2008 @ Gordon Biersch.

    Gordon Biersch @ Flat Irons Mall
    Broomfield, Colorado

    Start – 6:30pm
    End – 10:00pm

    View Map
    Other Intrepid Release Parties

    Reservations are under “Nick” and will be in the Pilsner Room. If you where with us for the last release its that same Location and Room as last time.

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    Hardy Release Party Follow Up

    Jim Hutchinson – 2008 TIE Conference


    Simon (Siblog) – Hardy Heron Release Notes


    Joey – Launchpad Features and Basics


    Moriah Papaya – Release Party Posters Designer


    How Attended:

    • Nick Verbeck (NerdyNick)
    • Jim Hutshinson
    • Simon (Siblog)
    • Moriah Papaya
    • Neal McBurnett (nealmcb)
    • Derek Buranen (burner)
    • Joey Stanford (Rinchen)
    • Aaron Gerber (Gerber)
    • Andrew Barney (keen101)
    • Richard & Kathy Guenther
    • David L. Willson (Barahon)
    • Sean Dial (Tesseractheart)
    • More Comming Soon. If you don’t see your name please email me I will add it ASAP.
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    Hardy Heron(8.04) Release Party

    Its that time of the year again the release of a new a better improved Operating System. This time we are celebrating the official release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron(8.04). A lot of discussion has been going though the mailing lists and IRC talking about where we should host the event and at what times. Well it has now been made official as to the date, time, and location, and here are the details.

    Gordon Biersch
    1 West Flatiron Circle
    Broomfield, CO 80021
    Map It

    Sat April 26, 2008
    6:00pm to 7:00pm – Event Starts
    7:00pm to 8:00pm – Meeting and Discussion about Hardy Heron and its features/upgrades
    8:00pm to when ever – General Hangout and interact

    Please RSVP before the date by visiting HardyReleaseParty
    We need to make reservations and need to know a head count of all who will be attending.

    Hope to see you all there.
    Mitch Mahan (Team Leader)
    Nick Verbeck (Deputy Team Lead)
    and the Whole Ubuntu Colorado Local Team


    Ubuntu Gutsy Released

    If you are reading this Gutsy has been released. So please get your copy and enjoy the new features that the Ubuntu Community has worked so hard on.

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    Release Party

    When: Friday, 6pm (10/19/2007)
    Where: Mitch’s House (Check the mailing list for location)

    Food: Subway Party Sub(Club/Vegi), Snacks, Plus what ever else everyone brings.
    Parking: This is a house party so please park in the areas highlighted by Mitch in the recent post.

    If you are attending you need to RSVP with Mitch asap. Other wise you may be left out on the food count.

    Gutsy Release Party Wiki:

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