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    CoLoCo Going Social

    So in an effort to spread Ubuntu on a expansive scale. We have gone social on many fronts. So here is our social profiles.

    Google + | Twitter | Facebook

    So spread the news, subscribe, and enjoy. Also don’t forget to give thanks to Emma Marshall for all the hard work on setting up and managing all of this.

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    Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Release Party

    We will be holding our release party this go around at The DNote on May 3, 2009 from 12pm to 2pm+.

    This is a quick note. More info to come very very soon.

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    Geek Sessions & Intrepid Ibex CD’s

    I have received our Intrepid Ibex CD’s from Canonical and will be doing a few Geek Sessions around the Denver Metro Area to pass them all out to fellow members and anyone else who wishes to attend. So far these are the locations.

    Sat Nov 15, 2008 @ 6pm at Panera Bread in Park Meadows
    Sun Nov 16, 2008 @ 6pm at Panera Bread in Denver (Grant St. & 13th)

    Sat Nov 22, 2008 @ 6pm at Panera Bread in (Louisville or Westminster)

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    Possible Ubucon

    So after last years Boulder Ubucon was a success thanks to Neal. I have taken it upon myself to work at getting us another possible one this year. We are shooting for a September date sometime on the weekend if we can. Once I can confirm a date I will let you all know. Just wanted to give all the world a heads up that we are working towards this possibly happening again. So that you may have a little more time in advance to join us.

    Keep watching for details.

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    Hardy Heron(8.04) Release Party

    Its that time of the year again the release of a new a better improved Operating System. This time we are celebrating the official release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron(8.04). A lot of discussion has been going though the mailing lists and IRC talking about where we should host the event and at what times. Well it has now been made official as to the date, time, and location, and here are the details.

    Gordon Biersch
    1 West Flatiron Circle
    Broomfield, CO 80021
    Map It

    Sat April 26, 2008
    6:00pm to 7:00pm – Event Starts
    7:00pm to 8:00pm – Meeting and Discussion about Hardy Heron and its features/upgrades
    8:00pm to when ever – General Hangout and interact

    Please RSVP before the date by visiting HardyReleaseParty
    We need to make reservations and need to know a head count of all who will be attending.

    Hope to see you all there.
    Mitch Mahan (Team Leader)
    Nick Verbeck (Deputy Team Lead)
    and the Whole Ubuntu Colorado Local Team


    Jim’s interview with Binary Freedom

    Our fearless Jim Hutchinson (CoLoCo Educational Director) recently did an interview with Binary Freedom. In this interview Jim talks about his recent Post that he did on his blog in response to an article in Discover Magazine by Jaron Lanier. A lot of you may have read this already or seen it on Digg.

    Who is Binary Freedom and what they are about by ringokamens:

    Binary Freedom is an association of decentralized collectives that
    fights for digital rights and the other social movements that it is
    related to such as privacy, free speech, and social justice. We
    emphasize the use of direct action because of its effectiveness are
    are mostly engaged in legislative advocacy and education about free
    software/digital rights. We do all of this with a focus on free
    software and the ideals presented in the hacker ethic and dot
    communist manifesto. Campaigns lead by Binary Freedom activists have
    been featured on US News, Slashdot, Digg, Indymedia, CNN, and others.

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