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    News for September 2008


    Ubucon Boulder Postponed

    Sorry. This is probably just a little late, but better late then never.

    We’ve got good news and bad news

    The good news: Leslie Hawthorn, the wonderful head of the Google Open
    Source Program Office (Google Summer of Code, etc) will help us plan
    the next Ubucon Boulder! It is always good to have folks helping who
    really know how to run a great event.

    The bad news: we won’t have time to get our ducks in a row in time for
    the previously announced Sep 27th date.

    So we need a new date, either in October or January, since Nov and Dec
    won’t work.

    So we’ll figure out which Saturdays work for Google – Stay tuned!

    Nick, Neal, Leslie and Dale

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    Ubucon Update

    This is a quick update to correct any time, date, and location changes that have happened. The date has stayed the same, times have been set, and the correct address and map link are as follows.

    Saturday September 27, 2008

    9:00am – Meet Up
    10:00am – Start Time
    5-6:00pm – Ruff End Time

    2590 Pearl St,
    Boulder, CO 80302

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    Ubucon Head Count

    We need to get a head count of all those wish to attend as well as if you would like to give a speech/Presentation. If you could fill out the following form this will help us out dearly.

    This event has been postponed.

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