So this is a little late of an announcement for those that are on the mailing list but its official. We will be hosting a Ubucon this September at the New Google Office in Boulder. This event will be in the lines with our last Ubucon. Meaning that it will be an Unconference with a central topic on Ubuntu.

Now granted that the main topic will be Ubuntu. I would like to extend this conference to all things Open Source and the like. Meaning all you Open Source Evangelists, Linux Enthusiasts, Open Source Developers, and all others that wish to attend. Hopefully we can make this an annual thing.

2590 Pearl St,
Boulder, CO 80302

Saturday September 27, 2008
9:00am MT (Meet Up Time)
10:00am MT (Start Time)
6:00pm MT (Possible Later if everyone is still interested)

Special Thanks goes out to:
Leslie Hawthorn for helping get everything setup on the Google side of things
Dale Hawkins for being our host at Google and all things that go with being the Host
Neal & Joey for the 1 on 1 with Leslie at Oscon