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    Jim’s interview with Binary Freedom

    December 6th, 2007

    NerdyNick Posted:

    Our fearless Jim Hutchinson (CoLoCo Educational Director) recently did an interview with Binary Freedom. In this interview Jim talks about his recent Post that he did on his blog in response to an article in Discover Magazine by Jaron Lanier. A lot of you may have read this already or seen it on Digg.

    Who is Binary Freedom and what they are about by ringokamens:

    Binary Freedom is an association of decentralized collectives that
    fights for digital rights and the other social movements that it is
    related to such as privacy, free speech, and social justice. We
    emphasize the use of direct action because of its effectiveness are
    are mostly engaged in legislative advocacy and education about free
    software/digital rights. We do all of this with a focus on free
    software and the ideals presented in the hacker ethic and dot
    communist manifesto. Campaigns lead by Binary Freedom activists have
    been featured on US News, Slashdot, Digg, Indymedia, CNN, and others.

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