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    New IRC Channel

    November 27th, 2007

    NerdyNick Posted:

    We have now joined the trend in using a more official and standard IRC channel with the rest of the other locos. The new channel can be reached at #ubuntu-us-co on The hopes for doing this change is to allow for a more convention irc channel name with the rest of the LoCos. As well as make it easier for new members to find us by sticking to this convention. The old channel is still up as well. So if you have fliers out or contact information to the old channel. They still will work. All who attempt to connect to this channel will be redirected into the new one.

    We are also looking at logging all conversations in the IRC channel to allow for other members to review what has gone on in the day. As well as give a means for those that miss meetings to view the meeting notes. We hope this idea will be beneficial to all current and new members once in place.

    We hope all enjoy these changes and ideas to come.

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