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    May 18th, 2007

    NerdyNick Posted:

    When: Saturday 2007-06-02, probably 9-5
    Where: Google’s Boulder office: 1433 Pearl

    What: An “unconference” like Barcamp: a spontaneous day of
    Ubuntu-related demos, talks, chats, etc

    We’ll have a small conference room with wifi and LCD projector. About
    20 people can squeeze in. The space will be tight, so sign up early.

    The focus is to share cool Ubuntu stuff with each other. Be prepared
    to share how YOU do stuff with Ubuntu. E.g. bring your laptops and
    demo some application, or show how to participate in ubuntuland via
    launchpad and the wiki, propose some projects and specs, set up an
    Edubuntu thin client network, or whatever. But what you propose to
    talk about should be possible with Ubuntu. And that doesn’t limit
    things very much :-) E.g. we’ll probably spend some time helping Jim
    out with

    We’ll announce it first for Colorado LoCo team members, but we’ll
    invite anyone interested in Linux to sign up if there’s space.

    For a taste of similar gatherings, see . The general unconference process
    is to show up with ideas, list them on a whiteboard at the beginning
    of the day, and let people decide then and there what the agenda
    should be and what they’re interested in. Besides the main “track” in
    the conference room, folks can propose other things to talk about in
    the anteroom or outside.


    The Google office in Boulder is on the Pearl St Mall, next to
    Starbucks, and has wifi and a small conference room. Our biggest fear
    is that it is too good a location and we’ll have too many people :-)
    But other attempts to quickly find a bigger place haven’t panned out.

    Naturally enough they don’t want us wandering around the development
    cubes…. I figure 20 can squeeze into the conference room, and others
    can stand and watch. And they also have a waiting area right outside
    the conference room, and for spillover we can always go a few steps
    outside into the beautiful ambiance of the mall.

    Our very friendly host is Jim McMaster, a developer at Google. And our
    contact came thru Leslie Hawthorn, of Google’s Open Source Program
    Office in California. She manages the Google Summer of Code
    program. Everybody thank Jim and Leslie :-)

    How to participate

    Sign up via the wiki. If we’re overcrowded (probably around 30 at any
    given time) we’ll give preference to those that signed up first.

    Help organize

    Organizers include, NealMcBurnett, Mitch Mahan, and anyone else who
    steps forward….

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