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    Technology in Education (TIE) Conference

    April 17th, 2007

    NerdyNick Posted:

    General TIE Information:
    Dates: June 19-22
    Location: Copper Mountain Resort

    The keynote is about the interactive web and students as teachers.

    Conference opens with Keynote by Will Richardson A Web of
    Connections: Why the Read/Write Web Changes Everything

    Having the world of information at our fingertips on the Web was in
    itself a powerful transformation, but being able to contribute our
    own knowledge and ideas and collaborate in the construction of
    content is even more powerful. In this environment, traditional ideas
    about schooling and learning are challenged at every turn. We have
    over a billion potential teachers, and we learn through the
    conversations that this new Web facilitates more than the content
    that is delivered to us. Information and knowledge is no longer
    scarce, and neither are constant. In almost every way, this Web
    changes the way we must think about our roles as educators and
    learners in the 21st Century.

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